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PTT: performance is better than chemical method

in recent days, Professor Andy Lau of Tsinghua University has been almost constantly. Enterprises in Japan, South Korea and domestic Jiangsu have rushed to buy PDO from the technical developer of the largest biological PDO (1,3-propanediol) device in China, for fear that they will not arrive. PDO is the main raw material of the bio based material "Xingui" PTT (polytrimethylene terephthalate). Speaking of the prospect of PTT, Andy Lau said that he was very optimistic. He said that the production process had been fully opened up and the product performance fully met the application requirements. It is expected that China will form a scale of tens of thousands of tons in 2 to 3 years

the whole synthetic process has been completed.

Andy Lau introduced that the biological PTT is not entirely from the biological base, but the main raw material PDO can be obtained from the biological base material. At present, there is no report on the biological synthesis of another main raw material PTA (terephthalic acid). Compared with chemical PTT, biological PTT has obvious advantages in environmental protection and resources, and its product performance is also better. For example, the chemical PTT has high carbonyl content due to process problems, resulting in too high viscosity and insufficient spinning quality. The biological PTT does not have this problem and can better meet the polymerization requirements

he said that after years of exploration, China has opened up all production processes from biomaterials to PDO, and then from PDO to PTT. Many companies have carried out biological PDO production on a certain scale. At present, the largest device in China is the 3000 ~ 4000 T/a production line jointly established by Tsinghua University and Hunan Haina Baichuan Bioengineering Co., Ltd., which mainly uses waste oil as raw material. In the world, DuPont's grain raw material synthesis method is the main representative

Ouyang Pingkai, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of Nanjing University of technology, said that the key to PTT production is to obtain biological PDO raw materials. Tsinghua University, Beijing University of chemical technology, Jiangnan University, Dalian University of technology and other institutions in China have conducted in-depth research on the production of PDO by biological method, mainly focusing on the metabolic mechanism of bacteria, key enzymes, kinetic characteristics, construction of genetically engineered bacteria and other aspects, with remarkable achievements. It is expected that the microbial fermentation method will gradually replace the chemical method to produce PDO in the next few years

Ouyang Pingkai believes that, compared with foreign technologies, the process developed by Chinese researchers to produce 1,3-propanediol with diesel by-product glycerol as raw material is innovative, and the comprehensive cost is lower than that of foreign technologies. After further improvement and optimization of the fermentation method, the industrialization prospect is good

it is understood that there are also many domestic enterprises exploring the chemical PDO opened today, but they have all given up industrialized production. As one of the former monopolists of PDO production process, shell also officially closed its chemical PDO production plant in the United States last March

the key to promotion lies in the cost of PDO.

it is reported that the polyester PTT synthesized by PDO and PTA has better performance than the polymer synthesized with 1,2-propanediol, butanediol and ethylene glycol as monomers. In addition to the chemical stability of polyester PET (polyethylene terephthalate), PTT also has good biodegradability, pollution resistance, toughness, resilience and UV resistance of nylon. PTT is not easy to fade, easy to process and shape, and the fiber can be elongated by 20%. In addition, PTT fiber also has the advantages of wear resistance, low water absorption, low static electricity and easy dyeing, which can be comparable with nylon in carpet production

liudehua said that PTT has more processing advantages than the current hot materials, bio based materials, such as polylactic acid (PLA) and polyhydroxyfatty acid ester (PHA). Although there are 10000 ton PLA production units in the world, the product quality is not good. It will melt at 58 ℃, which is difficult to be used in the high-end market and can only be used in low-end markets such as lunch boxes. Even though these problems can be improved by the mixed polymerization of L-lactic acid and D-lactic acid, the technology is not yet mature. PHA has defects in spinning

he stressed that PTT has no problem in its own performance in promotion and application, but restricted by the high price of PDO, PTT is currently mainly used in high-end fields such as clothing and carpets. If the cost of PDO can be reduced, PTT will have a promising future. For example, PTT can replace pet due to its good performance. At present, the domestic pet market has a capacity of ten million tons. If 10% is replaced by PTT, a market of one million tons will be formed; If it can replace 50%, the formed market will be even more inestimable. In addition, PTT can also be used as engineering plastics

it is understood that Haitian textile, Shanghai Huayuan Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shenghong and other enterprises have initially opened the application of PTT to promote the 27.73 market year-on-year

Liudehua said that although the prospect is promising, only Zhangjiagang meimeirong Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is the truly built PTT device in China. The company is authorized by DuPont, and PDO is supplied by the precautions of DuPont Leeb hardness tester. The reasons for this situation are: on the one hand, PTT manufacturers will not blindly start PTT plant because they do not have enough PDO raw material supply; On the other hand, PDO manufacturers believe that there are no PTT users in the downstream, and they dare not expand PDO capacity at will. It is gratifying that the current impasse has begun to be broken. The 30000 T/a PTT plant of Jiangsu Shenghong will be completed this year. At that time, the existing domestic production scale of several thousand tons of PDO will not be able to meet the domestic market demand. To this end, Tsinghua University is currently negotiating with Jiangsu Shenghong to build a new PDO device. It is estimated that China's PTT capacity will reach tens of thousands of tons within 2-3 years, but it may take 20 years to form an industrial scale like pet

Andy Lau told us that the domestic biodiesel industry has not developed and there is not enough by-product glycerin, resulting in fierce competition for PDO raw materials. However, the development of biodiesel abroad is booming, and many glycerines have no way out. Some domestic enterprises begin to import crude glycerine from abroad, process it into industrial glycerine and sell it, which will greatly reduce the production cost of PDO

it is also found in the browsing of major scientific research institutes and stations that the owners of biological PDO production technology such as Dalian University of technology are looking for cooperative enterprises

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