The period of full competition is conducive to the

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The period of "full competition" is conducive to the healthy development of the paper industry.

when it comes to the paper industry, most people often think of pollution, market depression and other words as the general name of all kinds of machinery and devices used in the plastic processing industry. In fact, over the years, papermaking pollution incidents have emerged one after another. This industry has indeed faced various problems in the past years. The concept of environmental protection has not substantially changed the status quo of the industry. Since the issuance of the 12th Five Year Plan, the government has focused on upgrading the industrial structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, and eliminating backward production capacity. We can't help wondering whether the paper industry can usher in a new spring? For this reason, CEC interviewed Mr. Yezhongde, vice president of Metso Automation China

Metso advanced solutions

when this magazine interviewed Mr. Yezhongde, it was 2 clearer 013 China International Paper Technology Exhibition. At this exhibition, Metso brought several advanced solutions to users

recently, Heng'an (Wuhu) paper purchased metsodna automation system, metsoiq quality control system and non radioactive infrared iqfiber quantitative measurement technology for its new toilet paper production line. Mr. Yezhongde said that this is our 100th purchase order for infrared metsoiqfiber quantitative measurement products without radioactive sources. When selecting suppliers, customers first consider advanced technology and professional knowledge of toilet paper production. Metso fully meets these conditions. If the gasket needs to be replaced

it is understood that metsoiq of Metso is a comprehensive quality control system, which integrates process quality control management, measurement 2011 function and banner control with banner actuator. Operators can know and manage the process flow as needed. Metso's expertise and comprehensive product lines and solutions can bring quantifiable improvements and turn them into benefits

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