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The person in charge of the enterprise that stealthily discharges waste water in Huai'an, Jiangsu Province faces punishment. Release date: Source: Yangzi Evening News/purple cow. As the film technology gets thinner, wanchengyuan Views: 2555 copyright and disclaimer. Core tip: in order to reduce costs, some people secretly discharge untreated printing waste water, causing serious environmental pollution. Recently, the Hongze Lake Basin Environmental Resources court of the people's Court of Xuyi county tried two cases. In order to reduce costs, some people secretly discharged untreated printing wastewater, causing serious environmental pollution. Recently, the Hongze Lake Basin Environmental Resources court of Xuyi county people's court heard two cases of environmental pollution by the printing industry

secretly discharging toxic wastewater into municipal sewers

Mr. Yang and other two people are the principals and employees of a graphic design and production center in qingjiangpu District, Huai'an City. In order to reduce the production cost of the enterprise, they are not willing to buy expensive treatment equipment. They use two plate printing machines for printing production when they know that the waste developer discharged from the equipment during production will cause serious pollution to the environment, and they have not received the environmental assessment approval, and are not equipped with pollution control facilities and wastewater treatment facilities

Mr. Wu and Mr. Yan, as employees, (6) pay careful attention to the oil level when refueling. Knowing that production will produce toxic and harmful waste liquid, the waste liquid is connected to the concealed pipe outside the store through the plastic pipe connected to the plate processor and directly discharged into the municipal sewer, causing serious pollution to the ecological environment

it is recognized by the environmental protection department that the waste liquid discharged by the graphic design and production center belongs to hazardous waste, and the way in which the pollutants are discharged by burying pipelines underground belongs to the way of evading supervision through concealed pipes

during the trial, the Hongze Lake Basin Environmental Resources court of Xuyi court also invited experts with specialized knowledge to appear in court to respond to the lawsuit. The six defendants agreed to secretly discharge polluted wastewater, and discussed in detail the identification and risk of pollutants from a professional perspective, laying a foundation for the later objective and fair trial of the case

direct discharge of wastewater containing heavy metals without treatment

at the end of 2017, Zhang and Zhu jointly rented the warehouse of a pharmaceutical company in Huaihai South Road, qingjiangpu District, Huai'an City. Without permission, Mr. Zhang borrowed the qualification of Mr. Zhu to purchase nitric acid to engage in the business of printing zinc plates. During the production process, the waste water containing heavy metal zinc was directly discharged without treatment. In the same standard, different sample sizes were often given for different materials and put into the seepage pit behind the workshop

after being seized, the zinc content in the wastewater has seriously exceeded the national standard through sampling and testing by the professional institutions when high tonnage is reached. After the incident, Mr. Zhang surrendered, truthfully confessed the facts of the crime, and actively performed the ecological environment damage compensation

it is reported that the above two cases are currently under trial. Xuyi court has always adhered to the principle of "protecting the ecological environment with the strictest system and the strictest rule of law", and will pronounce judgments on the above two cases at a selected time

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