The performance of the most popular cinnamon pulp

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The performance of Jingui pulp and paper increased steadily in the first half of the year.

according to recent news, The first half of Guangxi Jingui pulp and Paper Industry Co., Ltd (for example, the annual pulp output and paper output of the clamp clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber filament increased by 23.33% and 29.61% year-on-year respectively, realizing an industrial output value of 3.602 billion yuan. With the same preferential policy, users expanded the experimental function by 8.01%, and the sales revenue was 3.58 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 10. 94% and a tax payment of about 150million yuan. Various business indicators showed a steady growth trend.

since this year, golden osmanthus pulp paper has been built through AI Artificial Intelligence We will strengthen equipment automation and system management, promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, and accelerate development, quality and efficiency. The company has successively achieved production breakthroughs in many aspects, such as the continuous 4-month high of pulp output per month, the speed of paper machine reaching 1350 m/min, the rewinding volume of paper and the storage volume brush positioning a new historical record according to the goal of building a strong province in the new material industry

at present, Jingui pulp and paper is actively, orderly and effectively promoting the expansion of phase II 1.8 million tons of high-grade paperboard

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