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The performance of Kaiyuan instrument in 2012 increased by 4%

Kaiyuan instrument released its 2012 annual report. The company's total operating income in 2012 was 301820200.90 yuan, an increase of 11.61% over the same period last year. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 57823547.70 yuan, an increase of 4.17% over the same period last year, and the basic income per share was 1.13 yuan

Creating an innovation ecosystem

the company announced its 2012 profit distribution plan: it plans to distribute cash dividends of RMB 5 (including tax) for every 10 shares to all shareholders based on the company's total share capital of 60000000 shares as of December 31, 2012; At the same time, based on 60000000 shares, 5 shares for every 10 shares will be added to all shareholders, a total of 30000000 shares will be added

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the company also released the performance forecast for the first quarter of 2013. The company estimated that the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company in the first quarter was RMB 1.143 million and RMB 2million, a decrease of 30%-60% over the same period of the previous year

after comparing the packing list to check whether the experimental machine and accessories are complete and intact,

Kaiyuan instrument is committed to the R & D, production and sales of coal quality testing instruments and equipment. As a high-tech enterprise with key technologies and independent intellectual property rights in coal quality testing instruments and equipment, it has been making great efforts to build a super first-class production platform for coal quality testing instruments and equipment in the industry. The registered capital of Kaiyuan instrument is 45million yuan, covering an area of more than 80 mu and a construction area of 45000 square meters. Currently, it has more than 800 employees, of which scientific research and development personnel account for 15%. The technical center of the company has been recognized as a provincial technical center, created three national key new products, and undertook the research and development of the national torch plan project and the innovation fund project of the Ministry of science and technology. These project products not only fill the domestic gap, but also their technologies are at the international advanced level. At the same time, the company is a member of the national coal Standardization Technical Committee and has participated in the drafting and revision of a number of national and industrial standards

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