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Spare City glass on the first floor of Foshan Boyu: a letter to the user

I am Mr. Liu, the domestic sales director of Foshan Shunde Boyu City Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., and have been engaged in the glass machinery industry for more than ten years. This is an open letter I wrote to you. When you click to enter the page of this letter, I think you may be planning to purchase glass deep processing machinery and equipment. Before purchasing the machine, I hope you know that you must pay attention to the following four points:

first, select the right machine:

there are more and more types and specifications of glass deep-processing machines, and the functions of some machines will overlap. At this time, people will wonder why the price is so different, and even more functions with low prices. At this time, you should think about the specifications, what kind of work you want to do with it, and what kind of machine you want to use to achieve the processing effect you need. Before buying the machine, you must make some investigation to avoid unnecessary losses

II. Try to save money:

the price of machines now is lower than before, but the price of machines of the same model from different manufacturers sometimes varies by tens of thousands. There are many factors that cause this price gap, such as material selection, process, after-sales, profit space, etc. at this time, you must ask carefully. Low price does not necessarily mean affordable, and high price does not necessarily mean high quality

III. reliable quality:

many customers have such a misunderstanding that the machines of large factories are better than those of small factories. What I want to say to you is: that's right, but not all right. Although the overall technology of large factories is more mature than that of small factories, large factories involve a wider range of production. Small factories can only be limited to a small range because they are small. There is a word called "small but specialized". The quality of the machine cannot be judged solely by the size of the manufacturer

IV. after sales service:

at present, there are nearly one hundred domestic edging machine manufacturers. Customers should first choose manufacturers with high reputation and good after-sales service when purchasing machines. They can use them with confidence. Even if there are some technical problems in use, these manufacturers will help you solve them in time. Generally, during the warranty period, except for vulnerable parts, they are free of charge, and costs are appropriately charged after the warranty period. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the purchased machinery and equipment, you can also replace them.? If you agree with the above four points, please read on. I believe the following content will be helpful for you to purchase the machine

leading, how can you save money: at present, the overall profit margin of machine price is not very large. If you want to reduce the purchase cost by simply lowering the price, this is difficult to achieve. Because the manufacturers have to survive, they can make little concessions. Some manufacturers obviously give you a lot of benefits, but in fact they catch the customer's psychology. They turn around and make an issue of the machine with no intention to go down. They either cut corners on the machine, or ask you to buy other machines with this function but at a low price. In the past, such machines were either short in service life or limited in processing capacity. When you react late, the gains outweigh the losses. Therefore, if you want to really save money, it is recommended that you know more about the performance of the machine before you buy it. In this way, you can avoid detours and losses

second, what kind of machine is suitable: how to choose the suitable model among the various types of glass machinery and equipment? It is a common concern of glass processing households. Here are some suggestions based on the working experience and experience of glass processing equipment

the first thing is to position yourself. Positioning is to determine what you want to do. The nature and use of the processed glass shall be specified. Then we can find the right kind of machine according to this requirement. Finally, the specific model of the machine is determined by the specification of the glass. The following is an example of a glass edging machine:

to select the edging machine, you must first understand the types and characteristics of the edging machine. There are many kinds of edging machines. How to select them depends on the characteristics and production scale of the processed products. Here, take the rounding machine as an example. The rounding machines that can grind round edges include special-shaped machine, straight-line rounding machine, profiling machine, straight-line bilateral rounding machine, etc. How to choose must be combined with the requirements of processed products. If the designed and processed product is round, oval or other special-shaped glass, only special-shaped machine or profiling machine can be selected (because the straight-line round edge machine cannot grind round or special-shaped workpiece). If the designed and processed products have many varieties and small batches, it is more appropriate to select the special-shaped machine, because the special-shaped machine is more convenient to replace products and the machine price is cheaper. If the type of products designed and processed is small and the batch is large, it is more appropriate to select the copying machine, because the copying machine has high production efficiency and is easy to ensure the processing accuracy. If the designed and processed product is rectangular or rectangular glass, only the straight-line round edge machine or the straight-line double round edge machine can be selected (because the special-shaped machine and the profiling machine generally cannot grind the straight-line round edge). When the product precision requirement is not very high and the production batch is not too large, the general straight-line rounding machine can be selected (because its price is low); If the product precision (1) environmental test (high and low temperature test) requires high increase and large production batch, it is more appropriate to select the straight-line bilateral rounding machine

therefore, only when you purchase the machine in combination with your specific needs can you be satisfied with the purchased machine. Only such a machine can make the best of its material

the purpose of this letter is to let you understand that there are too many machines and equipment in the market at present. If you want to buy cost-effective equipment, the manufacturer should sincerely consider it from your perspective. And I hope my company is a conscientious company. I may not make much money, but I must be responsible for you. Not only for our machines, but also for your money. If you choose my company's machinery and equipment, I will promise the following three points:

leading. During the one-year warranty period, we will provide free maintenance and replacement for other parts except vulnerable parts that are faulty or damaged

second, after the warranty, if there is a fault, we can still provide you with a free solution

third, we will provide you with the replacement of vulnerable parts at the cost price at any time

now, as long as you come to inquire, call me, or add:, we will take the lead in answering your inquiries and help

well, this letter is very long. I hope this letter can give you some useful inspiration and help. Finally, I wish you a satisfactory purchase of machinery and equipment to help your business prosper and your career prosper

your friend: Liu Ming of Foshan boyucheng Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.

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