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The price increase letter came in April! It is normal that the price of paper fluctuates with the adjustment of the market. However, looking at the paper price in the past two years, it can be said that it has been soaring all the way, and the rise is "amazing". Especially since the holiday, many enterprises have sent letters of price increase one after another, and the paper price has increased by more than two digits

cultural paper South China Management Zone: affected by the rising cost of bulk materials and raw materials, the price of Chenming all wood pulp and industrial paper series products has increased by 700/ton since the order was received on March 25; The price of non whole wood pulp products will be increased by 500/ton

Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd.: due to the continuous rise in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials such as pulp, the thermal sublimation transfer paper is a series of products, which has been increased by 2000/ton on the basis of yuandianjia since the delivery on April 1, 2021

Chenming Group: since April 1, the delivery price of thermal paper series products has increased by 1000/ton

Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd.: since 2021, the international pulp price has soared and continued to rise. Since March 15, 2021, researchers are studying the following mixtures. All our single light products have been raised by 1000/ton on the basis of the current price

Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd.: since April 1, the price of ordinary thermal paper series products has increased by 1000/ton

Henan Jianghe Paper Co., Ltd.: due to the continuous sharp rise in the price of raw and auxiliary materials such as pulp, the price will be raised by 1500/ton on the basis of the original price adjustment since the delivery on March 20, 2021

Henan Nanbei Paper Co., Ltd.: since March 20, the price of thermal protection paper series products (three thermal protection and one thermal protection) has increased by 1000/ton

Guangdong Guanhao High Tech Co., Ltd.: from March 15, 2021, based on the existing implementation price, the price of base paper series products produced by our company will be increased by 1200/ton

Sanmu holding group: from April 1, the wholesale prices of Sanmu office equipment, office stationery and student stationery series products were raised. See the wholesale price list released at the end of March for the specific adjustment range

Qixin group: the remaining undelivered documents from March 1 to March 19 will be kept until April 15 according to the price before price adjustment; The remaining undelivered documents during the period from March 20 to March 31 shall be retained until March 31

Deli group: from March 15, we will adjust the prices of some products and carry out comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technological transformation. The specific price shall be subject to the latest release

Campbell brothers paper: from March 15, the price of copy paper will be increased by 12/box based on the current price (based on 80g/box packed in 10 pages of 500 pages, and the weight of other pages and the number of boxes will be calculated in proportion)

although it is the traditional off-season of the paper industry recently, the publishing house has begun to invite bids for a new round of teaching paper, and the orders for teaching auxiliary books are also gradually increasing. The orders for business printing of large printing plants are increasing, and the demand for double offset paper is increasing. Despite good supply and demand, due to high costs, small and medium-sized printing plants are cautious in stocking, and they all purchase on demand. Large printing plants mostly implement annual plans and certain discounts, and the cost rise is relatively small. At this stage, the competitive advantage of large printing plants is significantly higher than that of small and medium-sized printing plants

affected by the cost and supply and demand, the paper mills and dealers are still actively pushing up the paper price. In the short term, the price of double offset paper is still rising

in general, this "price rise" started half a year after the Ministry of industry and information technology organized the investigation on the basic situation of China's lithium battery industry in 2020. Since February, the rise has reached new highs, but after entering the middle of March, the decline has become more and more obvious, starting from the first level of waste paper and packaging paper. Although the paper price is facing downward pressure, the price rises and falls, and the price reduction will not be too large

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