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Gansu legislates to regulate the recycling of waste agricultural film recently, Gansu issued the regulations on the recycling of waste agricultural film in Gansu Province, which will be officially implemented on January 1, 2014. The newly issued regulations have a total of 22 articles, which make detailed provisions on the sales, use, recycling, processing, utilization and management of waste agricultural film

in order to prevent and restrict the entry of ultra-thin films that do not meet the national technical standards into the agricultural means of production market from the source, Article 7 of the Regulations stipulates that it is prohibited to produce and sell agricultural films with a thickness of less than 0.008mm, and promote the use of agricultural films with a thickness of more than 0.01mm and in line with other national agricultural quality and technical standards and agricultural shed films with a thickness of more than 0.12mm

Article 13 of the Regulations stipulates that the people's governments at or above the county level can support the enterprises engaged in the recycling of waste agricultural film by means of awards instead of subsidies and loan interest discounts, and provide preferential policies such as tax reduction, tax refund and agricultural electricity price in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state and the province

it is understood that the national minimum technical standard for agricultural film thickness is 0.008mm, and the allowable limit deviation is 0.003 mm up and down. However, in practice, in order to save material brand: PET data discrete small fr2300 investment, farmers generally use the ultra-thin film with the minimum standard of 0.005 mm. However, the low standard ultra-thin film is aging fast, easy to break and difficult to pick up. It is selected according to the properties of the items that the company needs to test. The mechanical recovery efficiency is low and the processing and utilization cost is high

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