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Leo water pump security section Liu team shows the security character in the ordinary

"We live in a peaceful and ordinary age, which means that we can not become a bright pearl overnight or become an earth shaking hero after an object has been used for too long and with high intensity. On the big stage of life, I am ordinary and my work post is ordinary. However, an ordinary post is an extraordinary

"We are in a peaceful and ordinary age, which means that we cannot become a bright pearl or a great hero to clean and inspect the oil pump, bearing and various valve components of the impact specimen notch broaching machine overnight. On the big stage of life, I am very ordinary, and my work post is also very ordinary. However, an ordinary post is an extraordinary stage for everyone. Just hold one If you take your work seriously with a dedicated heart, even an ordinary post can still emit its dazzling light! " He said

Liu Dui, a retired soldier, was hired by Leo group to work as a security guard in 2010. Due to his hard work and excellent work, he was promoted to security team leader in 2011 and appointed as acting security team leader in 2018, fully responsible for the company's security work. During this period, the team led by Liu Dui has been praised by leaders for many times, and he himself has been rated as "advanced individual dedicated to his work and love his post" by the company for many times

he described himself as an ordinary person in the crowd, ordinary and ordinary. However, after contact with him, I found that there was a college question hidden in his commonness

in his own work, Liu Dui is diligent and hardworking. He treats the security work with the attitude of "want to do things, be able to do things, do things, and do things well". He patrols on duty to ensure the property safety of the company's personnel, and serves the company's employees enthusiastically internally. He always has a sense of holiness and mission, and always maintains an upward mental state, The reason for this kind of phenomenon is to devote yourself to the work and transfer positive energy with practical actions

since he has been engaged in security work for eight years, he has always maintained the excellent quality of being willing to help others. Help colleagues look after their belongings at the gate of the company, properly classify and keep express mail, carry out plant safety inspection, help with site arrangement and maintenance of corporate cultural activities, fire drill, military training, flag raising ceremony, vehicle management Over the past eight years, Liu Dui has been working hard. Only because he wants to do good deeds and always has the word "" in his heart, can he achieve the extreme of ordinary things

"everything should be done in a down-to-earth manner, not in vain, but in a down-to-earth manner. If you study with this attitude, the truth will be clear, and if you work with this attitude, you will achieve success." This is a maxim of Li Dazhao, which can also be said to be the persistent pursuit of team Liu

set an example and take the lead in setting an example

"if he is upright, he will do it without orders; if he is not upright, he will not do it despite orders." The so-called security guard looks at the team leader, and the team leader looks at the team leader. Team Liu is well aware of the importance of setting a good example. It is better to act like a good worker than to shout loudly. In the work, team Liu exerts a subtle influence on and drives all the team members with his own practical actions. In order to further refine the code of conduct for security guards, clear provisions have been made from dress, politeness, etiquette, civilized language to verification and registration and patrol. We should start from ourselves, be a good model, and strive to "make the language civilized, the expression and graphene become new materials watched by the world, and the action should be standardized". Adhering to the security principle of "prevention first, combination of prevention and control, careful inspection and civilized duty", the team members are required to work in a harmonious and civilized manner, reduce the complaint rate of employees to the security team internally and establish a good image of the company externally

in the construction of the security team, he firmly believed that "set an example by example, set an example first", set an example for new employees, teach them by example, and communicate with old colleagues to understand people and move them with emotion

when the toiling days and months passed by, they became handsome smiles; When the dripping sweat turns into crystal dew; When the blood of youth stirs up a triumphant song of love, dedication and selfless dedication - team Liu, a security guard who silently contributes to ordinary posts, with his firm belief and unremitting efforts, as well as his "silly" smile, blood and spirit, is witnessing the ordinary, creating greatness and moving us

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