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Leibertico medical station officially released

as the most famous supplier of laboratory products in China, leibertico is the top microwave technology application expert in China if the polarity light is on. It has rich experience in the analysis field. With its business expansion needs in the medical field, in order to provide more perfect services to Chinese users, leibertico has officially released the Chinese version of the medical station recently. Its address is:, The station includes details of a series of innovative products of milestone, such as microwave rapid tissue processing, gross specimen imaging system, standard sampling equipment and vacuum tissue transfer system

leibertico is committed to promoting the application of microwave rapid tissue processing, an innovative technology, in China, changing the lengthy processing method in the pathology field for more than 100 years, significantly improving the work efficiency of histologists and pathologists, realizing the same day diagnosis with equal emphasis on R & D and manufacturing, relieving the anxiety of patients, and eliminating the use of primary carcinogens formalin and xylene in the pathology department, Its "green pathology laboratory solution" also brings good news to histologists and pathologists

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