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In recent years, many electrical appliance brands and dealers have disappeared, and many elderly kitchen appliances have been left unattended after sales, becoming orphans with many hidden dangers, even causing personal injury. The range hoods bought 7, 8 or even 10 years ago, with the growth of the number of years of use, all parts are aging. Over aged household appliances are "invisible killers", and durable household appliances should be "retired" as soon as they "expire"

according to the statistics of a third-party platform, most of the problems are caused by the "over age" use of household appliances. Many consumers do not have a clear understanding of the service life of kitchen appliances, and unconsciously postpone the retirement time of kitchen appliances. The use consciousness of "never change until it is rotten" is deeply rooted in the minds of many consumers. In fact, this sense of use is neither economical nor safe

now, there is no need to worry about having "orphans" at home! Zhejiang Cohen electric appliance received a quick news that the new golden autumn trade in activity of Cohen will be fully launched in late this month. This activity offers rich and colorful contents, and Cohen's seven year old users can exchange new machines for free; For regular customers with more than three years' participation in the replacement, the range hood can be subsidized by 800 and the stove can be subsidized by 400; Old customers refer new customers to buy packages, as well as exquisite gifts; Plus 299, you can also give a Cohen ultrafiltration water purifier worth 1580 yuan... There are many gifts and benefits, which can't be missed

this activity of Zhejiang Cohen Electric Co., Ltd. is themed with the three keywords of "renewal", "upgrading" and "discount". It is not only necessary to completely eliminate waste kitchen appliances and comprehensively upgrade traditional kitchen equipment, but also to comprehensively carry out the action of "orphan rescue". Any waste kitchen appliances can be used as money, with a maximum discount of 700 yuan! Zhejiang Cohen electric firmly wants to return a healthy and open kitchen to the family





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