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In the age of Internet, every industry is in an innovation vent, and manufacturers who know how to use Internet thinking to examine themselves often find more opportunities and space. At present, many home building materials manufacturers have shifted from traditional sales to e-commerce sales. Of course, door and window manufacturers cannot lag behind. However, it is not easy for traditional manufacturers to do a good job in e-commerce. Guanhao Xiaobian believes that in addition to borrowing a strong Internet platform, they also need to change their Internet thinking in time

mobile Internet accelerates the transformation of door and window industry

at present, mobile terminals have become the largest import of China's Internet. With the popularity of terminals, the reduction of tariffs, and the improvement of infrastructure and services, China is bound to usher in the next round of large increase in mobile Internet users. Through the integration and penetration of mobile Internet in the sanitary industry, industrial transformation can be expedited and become a new key to the promotion of the sanitary industry

for traditional door and window manufacturers, the greatest significance of "Internet +" lies in "connection". This connection established through mobile Internet skills completely breaks the space and time barriers between manufacturers and users and partners, forming a communication system without regional gap and time span, and then enables manufacturers to avoid the loss caused by space barrier and time difference in traditional operation mode, It improves the operating power of the manufacturer and reduces its operating cost

change the thinking of the Internet in time

as early as the first two years, many door and window manufacturers have taken a fancy to the prosperity and development trend of the Internet, and have made a variety of attempts to "recast brilliance" through Internet e-commerce. However, the role is not satisfactory, and even many manufacturers have lost the wheat city after investing endless human and material resources, which has played a retreat, from "everyone must talk about the Internet" to "never talk about the Internet". Leaving aside the various constraints on skills in the B2B and B2C period of the Internet in the previous two years and the immature e-commerce malls and other objective conditions, door and window manufacturers' ideas in e-commerce failed to change their habits in time to the characteristics of the Internet era, which was also the main reason for manufacturers' failure

with the rise of mobile Internet, citizens have got rid of fixed computer terminals, making online shopping anytime and anywhere. The online shopping crowd has also expanded from the new crowd who dared to taste fresh food in the past to the whole people who are suitable for young and old. Therefore, the mood of consumers in online acquisition has changed from looking at the style and quotation in the past to looking at the brand, cost performance, service, and even the speed of logistics. Therefore, when launching e-commerce, door and window manufacturers need to take these elements into account and use Internet means and skills to deal with these questions. In this way, we can make full use of the potential of the Internet and truly complete the "Internet +"





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